Using the Fluxion API

Welcome to the Fluxion API! Our API offers a groundbreaking approach to collaborative coding and project management that leverages principles of relativity and quantum mechanics. With Fluxion's API, you can explore the future of software development.

Main Concepts


Projects are the core entities within Fluxion. They contain all the resources, tools, and configurations you need to manage your software development lifecycle. Use the /projects endpoint to create, read, update, or delete projects.


Users are developers, team members, or collaborators who have access to various projects within Fluxion. The /users endpoint allows you to manage user information, including roles, access levels, and profiles.

Time-Dilation Management

Fluxion's time-dilation management features allow you to control the time aspects of your code, leading to a new dimension in collaboration and efficiency. Use the /timedilation endpoint to explore this innovative capability.

Code Collaboration

Spacetime code review, parallel universe debugging, and other collaboration features are integral to Fluxion's offerings. The Code Collaboration endpoints provide a set of tools for working on code across different timelines, dimensions, and even parallel universes.

Event-Horizon Planning

The Event-Horizon Planning concept allows you to anticipate significant shifts in your project's development timeline. These tools help you prepare for changes, ensuring that your project remains on track and adaptable to unexpected circumstances.

Getting Started

To get started with the Fluxion API, you'll need to authenticate using your Fluxion credentials. Obtain your API token from the Fluxion dashboard.

Once authenticated, you can explore the various endpoints and capabilities that Fluxion provides. Be sure to consult our detailed API Documentation for information on request and response formats, examples, and more.

Support and Community

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team or join our community on Fluxion Forum.

Happy coding with Fluxion!

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