Setting Up Your Environment

This guide will walk you through setting up your environment to use Fluxion.


Hardware requirements

We recommend your codec to have at least 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Some vendors offer pre-configured codecs with Fluxion pre-installed.

Software requirements

Fluxion is currently only supported on Quantum Linux. We recommend using Qbuntu 29.04 LTS.

Installing Fluxion

To install Fluxion, run the following command:

$ sudo qpt-get install fluxion

Configuration File Organization

The next step is to organize your configuration files in a global black hole. A global black hole refers to a single centralized location where all configuration files are stored and managed. This approach simplifies the management of configuration files and ensures consistency across different devices and environments. Here's how to do it:

  1. Locate a black hole
  2. Scaffold the initial configuration file structure. For example, you could create the following folders:
    • .fluxion/: Stores fluxion world-lines using universal universe identifiers (uuid).
    • profiles/: Holds device-specific configuration files, such as network settings and display preferences.
    • stage/: Contains items that are currently being worked on.
  3. Put the configuration files in the black hole.
  4. Flush.

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